Dear Tony,

Having been in our new house for several weeks, it is time to comment on our overall experiences building with Green Mountain. Your work has been, in a word, exceptional.
Suellen and I built a house before, so undertaking another build was not a decision made lightly.  After extensive discussions with you, we decided that a new house was our best option.  You also convinced us that Green Mountain was our best choice for general contractor.  You were right. The planning phase was perhaps the most critical; we had to establish our business relationship with you, determine the scope and budget for the project, and agree on the design.  You were fully engaged in this process, providing us the benefit of your experience and the wisdom of your recommendations.  Your expertise was matched only by your patience.

Your excellent guidance and attention to detail generated a floor plan and bill of materials that not only exceeded our expectations, but was far superior to those of other general contractors for similar budget.  Green Mountain gave us the best value for our investment.
Once construction started, you managed the construction process with effective and efficient leadership. Your subcontractors were the best available; craftsmen who took great pride in their workmanship.  I noted that a problem with one of the trades was handled expeditiously, with the goal of protecting the integrity of the project.  In that instance you demonstrated your commitment to us and your management skills. While there were inevitable changes as the build progressed, there were no insurmountable problems.  For every unforeseen situation that arose, you responded with a good solution; nothing was beyond your ability to adapt and overcome.  Further, many of your solutions improved on our original plans.

You brought the project in for a fair, reasonable cost.  In every respect you were concerned for our satisfaction and mindful of our expectations.  In dealing with subcontractors and suppliers, you always protected our interests by ensuring the highest quality work for the best possible prices. Your expertise, interest, and involvement produced superb results, providing us a house we are proud to call our home. We would be happy to show this house to anyone you wish to send our way.  Further, I will provide a detailed recommendation for Green Mountain whenever you desire. Again, thank you for a great home and a satisfying building experience.


Suellen and David

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